Are real estate agents content creators?

Dec 23, 2022

Having worked in the influencer marketing space for about a year, I have come to understand the relationship between traditional DTC business and their working relationship with the new era of marketing. The days of television ads, cold calling, newspaper articles, and email coupons for your favorite wristwatch or handbag are long gone. With the new age of social media, content creators and celebrities have taken the stage to market everything under the sun. With such an emphasis on social media marketing, technology has played a pivotal role in estimating the ROI on social media platforms.

This is one of the most significant issues social media marketing faces today. Before the introduction of link-in-bio tools, marketing professionals found it difficult to derive marketing budgets for social media campaigns because of the difficulty of tracking organic traffic. Initially, tools like Linktree allowed users to showcase multiple links, such as their blog, e-commerce store, or company website. With the demand for influencer marketing, they quickly turned into much more. As users can now get analytics from their organic traffic, marketing teams better understand how effective a campaign is.

Given my experience with CashU, my old startup, we were connecting influencers with businesses that wanted to run influencer marketing campaigns. Through this, we understood that the majority of link-in-bio users were content creators and influencers. This is no coincidence because Performance-based marketing heavily relies on such tools. Businesses and content creators can track how well your content is doing to drive traffic to external resources. Through “click rates” and purchasing habits, these tools can provide detailed analytics on consumer trends.

Influencers are only one such user persona. During the summer, I focused on getting my real estate license. I figured I, too, could use a link in a bio tool to help track organic leads. After speaking with realtors, I was shocked that most agents still use traditional lead generation methods. Agents are still printing physical business cards, using email marketing, and spending hours cold-calling people. Do you know what’s even worse? They spend thousands of dollars on a website ripping numbers from a phone book! All with the end goal of selling a house! I believe leveraging social media is the next opportunity for sales agents and real estate companies to market themselves. Did you know the real estate sector spends the second most on google ads after the industrial and manufacturing sector? Well, TikTok and Instagram are the next search engine platforms for Gen Z. This is why I built!

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